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Tesla's Model X crossover's gullwing doors

09/28/2015 13:06:30
Tesla's Model X crossover's gullwing doors
Tesla's upcoming Model X crossover is memorable and original looking mainly due to its gullwing doors dramatic folding mechanism that opens automatically.

Tesla's upcoming Model X crossover is memorable and original looking mainly due to its gullwing doors dramatic folding mechanism that opens automatically. 
The Model X can be seen totally uncovered as it the rear door elegantly opens up toward the sky. The gullwing-style doors are stylish and impressive, but they also offer a wider opening to the second- and third-row seats. The front doors operate like traditional car doors.
The gullwing rear door appears to open up automatically, and folds into position neatly above the crossover’s roof. It also returns to its original position automatically, but the driver did need to push the door finally into place to fully close it flush with the body. We also noticed that this Model X has a trunk spoiler, although it isn’t clear yet if it is retractable or fixed.

Multiple battery capacity and electric motor outputs will be offered, as in the Model S, with outputs possibly between 380 and 691 hp. It is said to come standard with Tesla’s dual-motor all-wheel-drive system and the Model S’ trademark under-floor battery pack design. Tesla’s seven-seat Model X SUV is expected to arrive very soon, following earlier estimates for the third quarter of 2015. Tesla is currently accepting new reservations with a deposit of $5,000, with an estimated delivery in early 2016.



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